December 20, 2018

Best in State: The Top Cannabis Locations, Products, and Activities in Washington in 2018

Our Best in State series spotlights the top cannabis dispensaries, companies, products, and activities in the largest cannabis markets in 2018.

A loving climate to cannabis, Washington state is home to exceptional bud. And behind every product is a dedicated grower, processor, or retailer—many of whom were there to support safe access to cannabis long before the state legalized adult-use in 2012.

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While we’re calling out some stand-out companies and products of 2018, it’s important to thank and appreciate the businesses who have made Washington a cannabis paradise this year (and all of the years prior). So cheers to all of the cannabis professionals who’ve helped create a particularly special cannabis culture here in the Evergreen State.

(Courtesy of Have a Heart Belltown)

Seattle, WA

As the top selling dispensary in Washington, there’s no surprise that Have a Heart repeats as Best Overall Dispensary. With their incredibly deep product catalog, knowledgeable budtenders, and worthwhile loyalty program that makes for affordable pricing, customers from all walks of life will enjoy a positive shopping experience. Serving patients with trust and dedication long before adult-use legalization, we’re thrilled to see Have a Heart thrive at the heart of this industry.

Best Budget Dispensary: Ruckus

Seattle, WA

Ain’t nothing wrong with saving a few bucks, something no dispensary expresses better than Ruckus in Capitol Hill. Walk into their door with $80 and you can definitely walk out with an ounce of flower. In addition to their excellent ounce deals, every Tuesday they run a “Top Shelf Tuesday” promotion, which allows customers to save big on top shelf brands like Aurum Farms and TJ’s Organics.

Seattle, WA

Diego is one of the most visually pleasing dispensaries in all of Washington. With their clean floorplan, large glass product cases, and red carpet treatment of Leafly Pickup customers, they’ve truly created an atmosphere that feels more like a Gucci store rather than a place to buy weed.

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Seattle, WA

In an industry that is becoming ever more competitive, it can be hard to maintain a business that balances quality, education, sustainability, and community. However, Heylo Extracts is a prime example where you can do all of that. How? Through partnerships with sustainable, pesticide-free growers, hosting educational lab tours and community events, and by information-focused packaging that puts education before marketing.

Best Flower Products: Gabriel

Issaquah, WA

Gabriel is one of the best producers in Washington, something backed by actual data and verified lab results from Confidence Analytics. Their flower is always beautifully grown and freshly packed in glass jars. Buds maintain consistent terpene profiles, which guarantees consumers will always receive the effects expect.

Seattle, WA

Cold Smoke Concentrates burst onto the scene in 2018. As the in-house extraction lab for Subdued Excitement, their concentrates all feature exciting terpene profiles from well-grown, high-quality cannabis. The live resin is a gorgeous mix of flavor and potency, with crystalline THCA formations that drip with liquid terpenes. Cold Smoke’s concentrates span the many flavors of cannabis ranging from the sweet, fruity explosions of Zkittlez to pungent, diesel fumes from Larry Bubba.

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Best Edibles: Legal Soda by Mirth Provisions

Longview, WA

Although Legal Sodas have been around for several years, they remain a go-to for consumers of all types. Offering a range of different potencies, flavors, and cannabinoid profiles, it’s easy to find an option that suits your mood or an activity that lies ahead. Lightly carbonated without the heavy syrupy sweetness overwhelming in most sodas, it’s easy to race to the bottom of the bottle. But don’t worry—they hit quickly for easy dosing.

(Courtesy of Honu Naturals)

Sore muscles, aches, and tension don’t stand a chance against the atomic bath bombs created by Honu Naturals. An all-over body high wrapped in a full aromatherapy experience, these bath bombs will leave you feeling like an overcooked noodle in the best possible way. Exploding with scents like hibiscus and lavender, this spa treatment blows everything else out of the water.

Best High-CBD Product: Green Crack CBD by Heylo Extracts

Seattle, WA

When you’re looking for a boost of energy, Green Crack is an obvious strain to reach for. With the gentle touch of CBD Orange, Heylo brings to life a heavenly extract that illuminates the mind while wrapping the body in mellow bliss. With diehard loyalty to the natural terpenes of cannabis, Heylo never ceases to deliver a top-shelf extract with robust flavor and clean ingredients—and their 3:2 CBD:THC Green Crack PAX Era pod is no exception.

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