November 2, 2020

Election 2020: State polling place opening and closing times

Welcome to Election Week 2020!

We have your state’s polling place opening and closing times listed below.

Five states are voting on cannabis legalization measures on Tues., Nov. 3. They are:

Oregon is voting on two separate legalization measures, one to allow medical psilocybin and another that would decriminalize all drugs. Washington, D.C., voters are considering a psilocybin legalization measure, too.

Leafly will have live rolling coverage of Election Day, including up-to-the-minute results, at our Election 2020: Marijuana legalization coverage and results page, which goes live early Tuesday morning.


Election 2020: All you need to know about cannabis legalization on the ballot

State-by-state poll opening and closing times, Nov. 3, 2020

State Polls open Polls close  
Alabama 7am 7pm
Alaska 7am 8pm
Arizona 6am 7pm
Arkansas 7:30am 7:30pm
California 7am 8pm
Colorado 7am 7pm
Connecticut 6am 8pm
Delaware 7am 8pm
District of Columbia 7am 8pm
Florida 7am 7pm
Georgia 7am 7pm
Hawaii 7am 7pm
Idaho 8am 8pm
Illinois 6am 7pm
Indiana 6am 6pm
Iowa 7am 9pm
Kansas 7am 7pm
Kentucky 6am 6pm
Louisiana 6am 8pm
Maine 6am 8pm
Maryland 7am 8pm
Massachusetts 7am 8pm
Michigan 7am 8pm
Michigan 7am 8pm
Minnesota 7am 8pm
Mississippi 7am 7pm
Missouri 6am 7pm
Montana 7am 8pm
Nebraska 8am (CST) 8pm (CST)
Nevada 7am 7pm
New Hampshire Varies by municipality: No later than 11am Varies: No earlier than 7pm
New Jersey 6am 8pm
New Mexico 7am 7pm
New York 6am 9pm
North Carolina 6:30am 7:30pm
North Dakota Varies: Open between 7am and 9am Varies: Close between 7pm and 9pm
Ohio 6:30am 7:30pm
Oklahoma 7am 7pm
Oregon All vote-by-mail, no polls
Pennsylvania 7am 8pm
Rhode Island 7am 8pm
South Carolina 7am 7pm
South Dakota 7am 7pm
Tennessee Varies by county 8pm (EST)
Texas 7am 7pm
Utah 7am 8pm
Vermont Varies: 5am to 10am 7pm
Virginia 6am 7pm
Washington Vote by mail Ballots due to drop box by 8pm
West Virginia 6:30am 7:30pm
Wisconsin 7am 8pm
Wyoming 7am 7pm
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