January 2, 2019

Find Your Favorite Cannabis Dispensary in Portland, Oregon

In this series, we’ll take you on a tour of Portland’s best cannabis dispensaries, organized by specific consumer needs. Looking for a lengthy menu? The best craft bud in the state? A budtender who can answer every question that comes to mind? This critic-compiled list is sure to lead you to the perfect place, whether you’re new to Oregon or just passing through for the weekend.

Before taking out your wallet at a dispensary in Portland, you’d be well served to harness your inner Veruca Salt—consider what you like, internalize those standards, and stick to them.

After all, you can afford to be choosy when cannabis shopping in Portland, where 30% of Oregon’s 590 dispensaries are concentrated on a minuscule 0.002% of the state’s square mileage.

Armed with the right information, you can shop like a local, accepting nothing less than your most precise desires. Be those exclusive, Instagram-precious flower, insanely good yet cheap everything else, knowledgeable help to aid in your very first interaction with the plant, or endlessly extensive collections of product, Portland won’t leave you settling.

Read on for a list of dispensary recommendations I compiled after a city-wide tour of Portland’s shops.

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