January 16, 2019

The High Life Episode 5: Reena Rampersad, High Society Supper Club

The High Life features co-hosts Sarah Hanlon and Ian Campeau in a weekly discussion with some of the most fascinating Canadians, all of whom share an affinity for cannabis.

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The High Life, Episode 5: Reena Rampersad, High Society Supper Club

This week: Social worker turned cannabis caterer Reena Rampersad joins Ian and Sarah to chat about the symbiotic relationship between food and cannabis, Canadian appetites, and the campaign for cannabis amnesty.

Meet Your Show Hosts

ian CampeauIan Campeau, a founding member of A Tribe Called Red, is a DJ, artist, and a leading force in both hip-hop and Canada’s indigenous cultural scene.

sarah hanlonSarah Hanlon, the winner of season three of Big Brother Canada, is a brash, outspoken pop culture maven and social media master.

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The High Life is produced at Leafly Canada’s headquarters in Toronto, and features the music of Toronto producer and hip-hop artist Junia-T.

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