January 24, 2019

Watch This: Rejected Cannabis Super Bowl Commercial

It almost happened. Big Cannabis almost made its way to primetime television with Acreage Holdings’ Super Bowl ad about medical cannabis. Featuring testimonies from patients who have seen the plant’s healing benefits, this 1-minute long ad sets a somber mood of, “Oh wow, it’s ridiculous that this medicine is illegal.”

While the ad’s intent is to jar up heartfelt emotions about cannabis prohibition, the truth is that it ultimately falls flat by being too vanilla and exclusive. Within the commercial, they discuss the injustices of cannabis, but never show any messaging or imagery that acknowledges the truest injustices of cannabis, i.e. the War on Drugs and the demographics of people who have suffered most for companies like Acreage Holdings to be able to exist in the first place.

But ultimately, I guess it doesn’t matter, as CBS decided to say “no thank you” to this multimillion dollar commercial. So in that sense, the war rages on.

Push play, check it out, let us know your thoughts.

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