December 21, 2018

Win Christmas With These Cannabis Deals for Leafly Pickup in California

Procrastination is just resting before you get tired.

Now that we’re all rested up, let’s swoop on some of California’s best Christmas deals today for the long holiday break ahead.

Today, Friday Dec. 21 is a top five shopping day at US dispensaries. Cannabis fans and dabblers alike stock up on holiday presents and splurges before they check out for family time and travel. Just like 4/20 weekend or July 4, the action culminates Friday afternoon with long lines and huffy customers before the holiday.

This year, skip all that non-sense and order cannabis ahead for pick-up like it’s Starbucks coffee. Leafly is rolling out “Leafly Pickup” across California and it’s live in ten stores. Here’s your Pickup Deals for today:

Praise Be: You can order cannabis like Chinese take-out when you see this logo on menus.
Look for the Pickup logo on Leafly menus.
  • LA Cannabis Co in Los Angeles is offering 25% off select products on Friday for Pickup. (Reserve your herb now and skip the line.)
  • LA Cannabis Co in Inglewood is also offering 25% off select products on Friday. (Reserve your products now and skip the line.)
  • Coast to Coast Collective ,Canoga Park, CA is offering 30% off selected 3C Pre-Rolls on Leafly Pickup.
  • And HPRC, Arcata, offers 30% off flower through Pickup only today.
  • Lastly, Palm Springs Safe Access in Palm Springs also offers 30% off all in-house flower through end of year.

Winning Christmas Cannabis Product Picks for California

Sauce: Raw Garden Sauce at LA Cannabis Co (Los Angeles, Inglewood)

Don’t even mess around. Buy up all of California’s number one extract of 2018, thanks to its combination of price, quality, and availability. Scoop up the extracts of the strains Cheery Leroy, or Dos Si Dos at $35/gram.

Clink to Order Raw Garden Cheery Leroy Sauce for Leafly Pickup

Vape Pen: Dosist Pens ‘Arouse’ and ‘Bliss’ at Coast to Coast Collective, Los Angeles

Win Christmas at the in-laws with the full line of controlled-release, super-discrete vape pens by dosist. Haters say they look like tampons. But when it comes to cannabis, clinical-looking conveys safety and trust to scared newbies, as compared to trippier brands. Dosist pens run $45 for 50 doses, which will last your cool aunt-in-law, like, two months into 2019.

Click to Order Dosist Vape Pens for Leafly Pickup

Flower: America’s Best Cannabis Flowers from HPRC Collective, Arcata

Holy moley. Arcata, CA. is way up there in Northern California, but that means it’s got the world’s best cannabis flowers on tap. Today all flower is 30% off for Leafly Pickup at HPRC, Arcata. That includes 2018 all-star strains Mendo Breath, Key Lime Pie, GG#4, Clementine, and Sundae Driver. It’s too much of a good thing.

Click to Order 30% off Top-Shelf Flower for Leafly Pickup

More Flower: Tahoe OG, Jilly Bean, GG#4 and More at Palm Springs Safe Access

The retirees in the desert town of Palm Springs, CA. know what’s up. They’ve had licensed medical dispensaries for years. Now they have adult-use ones too. Palm Springs Safe Access doesn’t just sell it, they grow it: offering a steep, 30% off discounts on in-house flower today. Load up on staples like Tahoe OG, Jilly Bean, GG#4, and Mint Cookies today with Leafly Pickup and check that box off the Christmas todo list.

Click to Order 30% off In-House Flower for Leafly Pickup

Skip the Cannabis Lines Across California With More Leafly Pickup at These Locations Today!

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