Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about CBD

General Questions

Who do I talk to for a prescription?

Each state has it's own process for obtaining Medical Marijuana. Visit your state governments page for more information about finding a prescriber.

Will I feel high or sleepy?

CBD should not make you feel inebriated in any fashion, some patients will report sleepiness due to relaxation and alleviation of symptoms.

Is it available in my state?

Pure CBD is legal and available in all-50 States. Medical Marijuana is on a state-by-state basis. 

How much does it cost?

Costs vary on products used and quantities, you can find CBD online for as cheap as $40. We recommend you look at our supplier list for more information

Medical Questions

Will it interact with my medication?

CBD can interact with certain medications including Thyroid, Blood Pressure Medications, and Birthcontrol. Talk to your Doctor before proceeding with any usage.

Does it work for my condition?

CBD has been shown to work with dozens of conditions, especially those centering around Pain/Inflammation. We encourage you to look up research about CBD and your condition. 

Do I use it daily?

CBD can be used daily or as needed, for most pain conditions it is best to use it daily as it will work as a preventative agent. 

Can I overdose?

We do not know of any cases of a patient "overdosing" from CBD, Children have been given as much as 5G in studies completely safely.

Am I too young/old?

No, patients as young as several months old have used CBD, as well as patients well into their 90s. CBD is not ageist! 

Is it addictive?

CBD is NON-ADDICTIVE, it has no links to causing any form of addictive behaviors, and many use it to stop smoking.

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